Waterford’s Fire Company 5, The Cohanzie Fire Company, has proudly served the people and businesses of the Town of Waterford 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, since its founding in 1942.

The dedicated members of the Cohanzie Fire Company, who staff our Fire Apparatus and Ambulances, train diligently to ensure the protection of life and property within our Fire District, the Town of Waterford and wherever we may be called to provide mutual aid coverage for our neighbors in the region.  Regardless of the time of day, or weather conditions outside, when the calls come in, we respond, always aware that we exist to serve and aid others. 

Within our Fire Station you will find a family, those who work side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, with a singular goal. Our goal is to serve others, put others before ourselves, and be the best at what we do.  The Cohanzie Fire Company’s service is not about us, but rather about you, the community we choose to serve as volunteers.

Within the Cohanzie Fire Station, located at 53 Dayton Road, you’ll find a unique full spectrum of Fire, Rescue and EMS apparatus not found in the other four Waterford Fire Stations.  The apparatus operating from our Station include Fire Engine W51, Forestry Engine W53, Tower Ladder W55, Service W56, Ambulance W500, Ambulance W600 and the only Heavy Rescue in the Town of Waterford, W57.

Additionally, the Cohanzie Fire Company is responsible for the operation of a unique piece fire and rescue apparatus, Track Safety W54. W54, staffed by a crew of four, serves as the Waterford Speedbowl’s Track Safety unit, and is equipped as a light pumper that is capable of handling vehicle extrication.

The members of the Cohanzie Fire Company serve our community above and beyond merely providing Fire and EMS services. Each winter the volunteer members of the Cohanzie Fire Company collect toys and cash donations for those in need in the community. Throughout the year the Cohanzie Fire Company meets with students and youth organization, as the occasions occur, to educate children on fire safety. As well, we work to help the community in other ways, as needed.  Being part of the community, providing aid to those in need, and safety for those who need it is in our collective DNA.

Our Station, our Firefighters, our EMTs, are here for you.

To learn more about the Cohanzie Fire Company contact Chief Todd Branche at cohanziechief@gmail.com , or visit us on Facebook HERE.