Staying Safe & Avoiding A Medical Crisis During The Excessive Heat Warning

The  National Weather Service has placed a Heat Advisory in effect for Waterford and the region from today, the 19th of July 2019 through Sunday, the 21st of July 2019, at 8:00pm. Due to the ‘Excessive Heat Warning’ , it is imperative that everyone to be aware of the significant health dangers related to the current weather. 

While the Waterford Fire Department and Waterford Ambulance Service are always available to assist those in need of emergency medical care, being aware of your health, and the health of those around you, can prevent medical crisis situation from arising. 

As the Heat Index remains elevated, and temperatures are expected to soar to above 95º F during this coming weekend, the Center for Disease Control has a number of suggestions for staying cool and avoiding the impact of the heat on your body. 

• Stay Hydrated. This one should be obvious, but dehydration is a leading cause of heat related medical issues. 

• Avoid using a stove in your home, unless you have the air conditioning on, as it raises the ambient temperature in your home. 

• When possible, stay in an air conditioned building. 

• Limit your outdoor activities during the midday, when the sun is at its hottest. 

• Wear and reapply sunscreen throughout the day if you are going to be outside. 

• Wear loose, lightweight, light colored clothing 

• Never, ever, leave pets in vehicles, unless the vehicle is running and the air conditioning is all the way up. Even then, consider just leaving your pets home, where they can be nice and comfortable in a climate controlled environment. 

• Do not  leave your children in vehicles. 

• For those of you who like to work out, perform your outdoor workouts in the early morning, or evening, when the temperatures drop. 

• If you start to feel over heated, stop what you are doing, and seek shade. If possible, take a cool shower to cool your body. 

Being aware of those around you, and their potential symptoms for Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke is also important. Being aware can help save a life. 

When in doubt, if you or someone else is experiencing a medical emergency, do not hesitate, call    9-1-1