Cohanzie Fire Co Open Offer To All Candidates For Office In Waterford

The Officer and Members of Waterford’s Cohanzie Fire Company would like to offer any and all declared candidates for office within The Town of Waterford the use of our meeting room or pavilion to meet with the residents of Waterford.

This offer to any candidate is irrespective of political party, or political ideology. We, at the Cohanzie Fire Company, believe that all voters should be well informed before casting their ballot, and that each candidate deserves the opportunity to meet with their potential constituents.

As The Fire House is politically neutral territory, we ask is that no campaign signs or banners be placed on the property of The Cohanzie Fire Station.

For those interested in utilizing The Cohanzie Fire Station, for meeting with the residents of the Cohanzie Fire District and Town of Waterford, please call the Station at 1(860)442-0456 or email