Clutter In Your Home Can Kill You & Those Who Come To Save You

As summer comes closer to an end and fall cleaning begins, keep this in mind … clutter in your home can kill you.

Not only can clutter cause trip and fall injuries for you and your family in a home, as well as increase a fire’s ability to grow quickly, it can also make a firefighters’ job of rescuing you and saving your home twice a difficult.

Clutter in a home blocks your escape route to safety and impedes a firefighter’s route into your home.   

As you begin your fall cleaning consider storing collectible items that take up floor space safely in a garage or shed.  Clearing routes through your home opens up space for your safety and the safety of those who may need to enter your home and rescue you.

With the change of seasons coming, and the transition to turning on the heat, cluttered items, especially stacks of mail and newspapers, become significant fire hazards.   Electrical wires can become worn from the weight on top of them, spark and ignite whatever is resting on the sparking wires. Space heaters and candles are extremely dangerous around loose papers, and should be stored neatly away from these sources of heat and flames.

If you believe a home may have hoarding conditions, let your local Fire Department know, as those homes can be deadly to not only the occupants, but also firefighters that may need to enter those homes.